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AMSOIL's newly formulated Signature Series Oils contain breakthrough technology designed to meet the emission and mileage demands of new EPA requirements being put on today’s engines.  


1.   100% protection from LSPI (this is going to become an increasing problem in the future!  Keep reading to learn more.) 

  • LSPI, Low-Speed Pre-Ignition, the spontaneous ignition of the fuel and air mixture prior to spark-triggered ignition, occurs in today's advanced engines and is far more destructive than typical pre-Ignition.  AMSOIL has re-formulated Signature Series Oil to meet the need for engine protection from LSPI.
  • AMSOIL’s Signature Series Oils are so good they had zero (0) LPSI occurrences when independently tested* using a common industry test that allows up to 5 occurrences for a passing score.   
  • AMSOIL's breakthrough technology gives your turbocharged direct injection engine the industry leading protection it deserves. With all the choices out there why not move up to AMSOIL?

2.  75% better protection against horsepower loss and wear than required by leading industry standards extending the life of vital engine components such as piston and cams. 

  • It has strong-fluid film and anti-wear additives that keep metal to metal surfaces separated.
  • The results are based on independent testing of AMSOIL’s Signature Series 0W-20 in ASTM D6891 as required by ASTM specification.  
  • As well as, 72% better heat protection for protection of turbochargers than required by the GM DEXOS1 Gen2 specifications®.  
  • Signature Series Oils provide the ultimate protection against the extreme temperatures and the harmful deposits that can plague turbochargers.

3.  Maximum Cleaning Power to Battle Sludge with 50% more detergents to keep oil passages clean to promote oil circulation when compared to AMSOILs OE motor oil.

4.  90% better sludge protection provided by detergent and dispersant additives than required by a leading industry standard based on independent testing of AMSOIL’s Signature Series 5W-30 in the ASTM D6593 engine test for oil screen plugging as, required by the API SN specifications.

5.  Limits oil consumption (volatility) or burn off better than manufacturers requirements reducing emissions and the need for frequent oil top-offs.

*Independent tests were based on testing using the GM DEXOS1® Gen2 specification.


Read more about Signature Series here and get the technical information about Signature Series here.

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