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 We used this oil in our 2001 Chrysler 4-Cylinder Minivan and experienced excellent wear protection, engine cleanliness (very little soot) and better fuel economy. We also installed AMSOIL's dual filtration after 100,000 miles.  

When we donated the minivan (at just under 214,000 miles) the dealer’s mechanic told us, at the last oil change, that he predicted the engine would last at least 400,000 miles.  At that time we were still getting close to new car miles per gallon and changing the oil once a year.

Why is the Series 3000 so good? (Read more about Series 3000 5W-30.) 

AMSOIL manufactures it:

  • For on and off-road pre 2007 diesel engines that are not equipped with diesel particulate filters(DPF)
  • So it can be used in gasoline engines recommending API SL specifications including turbocharged engines
  • So it delivers excellent wear protection and fuel efficiency
  • So it is ideal for exhaust gas recirculating (EGR) engines
 Here’s another testimonial from a trucker with over two million miles. Check it out! 
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