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These two products can help:


Engine and Transmission Flush      ...

Using oil while running machinery is absolutely necessary but there is a choice that will best protect both the machine and the environment.  Be sure to choose oils, filters and fuel additives that are manufactured for efficiency.

AMSOIL Synthetic Oils are designed to reduce pollution by:
Truck owners are you looking for products that will help your truck:

  • engines, transmissions, differentials and fuel injectors last longer,
  • require less frequent oil changes, and
  • get better gas mileage.

Then please read the following June 2015 Magazine article that tells Amsoil...

 EA By-Pass Oil Filters saves you money by offering:        

  • Extended engine life by providing AMSOIL's best protection against engine wear and oil degradation        
  • Filtering to 2 microns at 98.70% efficiency and filtering soot and...
Business owners know how important it is to save money.   AMSOILs oils, because they are formulated to reduce heat, friction and wear, help businesses save money in three ways:

1. Helping vehicles last longer
2. Requiring less frequent oil changes
3. Helping reduce fuel costs

Though I’m usually...
 We used this oil in our 2001 Chrysler 4-Cylinder Minivan and experienced excellent wear protection, engine cleanliness (very little soot) and better fuel economy. We also installed AMSOIL's dual filtration after 100,000 miles.  

When we donated the minivan (at just under 214,000 miles)...

AMSOIL Synthetic Blend Marine Oil 

4-Stroke Outboard Marine Engines!

Formulated specifically for Mercury marine motors that recommend the use of synthetic-blend oil and discourage the use of full synthetic oil.

  • Protects against damaging rust and wear
  • NMMA Certified
  • Inboard and I/O...

 Here's a Testimonial Recently Passed to Aaron at a Business Meeting ...

Others are proving what we already knew.  AMSOIL works and it works well!

Here's a quick link to buy and try Pi for yourself.

   and for more SAVINGS -->  

AMSOIL's Synthetic Diesel Oils are highly recommend for model-year 2007 and newer diesels mandating API CJ-4 emission quality oil standards.  The Premium 5W-40 and 15W-40 oils are also recommend for pre 2007 diesel engines.

These powerful AMSOIL products can help engines last...

   We found P.i. very effective in both our vehicles and small equipment.  Prior to the release of Quickshot, we experienced approximately a 15% improvement in our daily usage of gasoline in our walk behinds when we combined P.i. with AMSOIL’s 10w30 4-Stroke Small Engine...

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