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Have you ever got frustrated trying to start or get your weed trimmer to work effectively? Were you wishing you had a professional there to help?  

Now, you have a retired lawn and landscape company owner to reach out to!  

Most problems can be avoided by preventative maintenance. The cleanliness of your fuel, quality of 2-cycle oil and if necessary having a carburetor cleaner on hand are essential.To address ethanol related and fuel cleanliness issues Amsoil has developed SEMA Award Winning Quickshot.

SABER Professional Synthetic 2-cycle oils have been proven to keep pistons, spark arrestor and exhaust ports clean allowing your weed trimmers to have the air flow necessary to function effectively. 
As a last resort it's always good to have a can if Amsoil's Power Foam available.

Hey guys I hope this has helped you.  

For more information feel free to contact me. The same products can also help your blowers, rotitillers and stick ledgers. Get in touch with me if you have a problem you would like to learn more about these products.  And please, share this post with your friends. Thank you!!!

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