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Truck owners are you looking for products that will help your truck:

  • engines, transmissions, differentials and fuel injectors last longer,
  • require less frequent oil changes, and
  • get better gas mileage.

Then please read the following June 2015 Magazine article that tells Amsoil Dealer, Jerry Pruett, truck's story of how using AMSOIL products helped:

  • the truck reach at least 1.5 million miles on a factory rebuilt engine,
  • have an original transmission and differential at 2 million miles,
  • fuel injectors that lasted 1.1 million miles, and 
  • have oil change intervals of approximately 100,000 miles.

Find more information below that shows how using Amsoil products improves fuel economy by 6.54%.   (Contact Us for a copy of the studies.)

Use These Great Products to save money:  

     (Learn more about the Dual-Gard ByPass System)


6.54% Increased Fuel Economy (in Diesel Truck Applications):

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