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Hi, Vince,
I appreciate this opportunity to share with you about AMSOIL Dirt Bike products and hope this information helps you see the value AMSOIL products deliver.

The videos show AMSOILs race proven synthetic dirt bike oils:
  • provide great clutch feel
  • maximize horsepower by reducing friction related energy loss to make your engine work less to deliver more power to the ground
  • reduce wear by providing a protective film to gears, bearings and pistons
  • reduce viscosity loss
After the videos I have listed several AMSOIL dirt bike products.  SEMA award winning Quickshot(R) Fuel Line Cleaner is recommended to fight ethanol related problems.  Also, I have included a link to find the AMSOIL products that are specific to your bike's needs.

Feel free to look around our website.  Generally speaking the overall superior ability of AMSOIL's Synthetic Oils to resist heat, friction and wear and AMSOILs filters superior ability to filter out the wear that does occur increases engine life and oil change intervals.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Aaron Gratz
Independent AMSOIL Dealer

AMSOIL: Dirt Bike Tech Tips

AMSOIL DIrt Bike and Maximum Horsepower

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